France Meets College

So far on this trip, I have been eating like a normal person instead of a college student which I have really enjoyed. However, after having our first day off, the early morning really hit me hard. I snoozed my alarm about 4 times meaning I didn’t get to see my favorite woman at the bakery this morning. C’est la vie!


Before class I ran quickly and stopped at two of the vending machines in the lobby. First, I got some “breakfast” cookies that were super good. They are like the cookie part of an Oreo but bigger, orange, and vanilla flavored. Then I went over and got a coffee with chocolate. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the coffee but after it cooled down it tasted more like hot chocolate than coffee which for me was a big plus.


Because we were out and about anyway and had about 4 hours to kill, we actually had a normal lunch. We stopped at a pizza place in the Latin Quarter and split two pizzas between the four of us. The server didn’t speak much English which made ordering awkward but the pizza was super good. I had half of the veggie pizza which had olives, peppers, mushrooms, onion, egg plants, and artichokes on top. I ended up taking the artichokes off because the texture was weird in my mouth but everything else was delicious.


religieuseWe had a lot of reading and homework to do so we headed back to the dorms after watching Guignol in the Jardin de Luxembourg. on the way back we stopped at the best bakery and I grabbed a baguette and a religieuse which I accidentally ordered in coffee flavor. The bagette became my dinner as I wasn’t too hungry and we didn’t have much in our dorm. Plus I wanted to see if I could eat an entire baguette the size of my arm in one sitting. Turns out, I can. I also wan’t too mad about the flavor of my pastry as it was still really good. I forgot to put it in the fridge so the frosting was a little softer than I normally like but it wasn’t too bad.

Food Lesson

Food isn’t always glamours even in Paris. Life gets crazy and mornings aren’t always smooth. Going with the flow and figuring out things on the fly is a great skill to have in every aspect of your life!

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