Engineering Camps

Finding Your Place in the World of Engineering

Going into any STEM field may seem pretty scary at first. There are so many options it may seem like you don’t know what to do. I am in the process right now of finding my place in the Engineering world and I hope this may help you find yours.

Try Things Out

Some colleges have short 1 day camps that will help you explore your different options. Getting your feet wet will save you time when deciding majors or career paths down the road. These camps will also give you the chance to see a college’s labs and professors.

Ask Questions

If you can’t go to camps, do your research! See how your interests match up with classes and potential jobs. There are a ton of resources out there to help you. The more you know the easier your future will be.

Colleges are also a great way to get answers. Going to informational nights, tours, and setting up appointments with recruiters are all great things to do. Informational nights will have class information that will give you some ideas for what you should be looking into.

Get Ahead

Once you find one type you like, see if you can learn some of the topics. Math is a big area in all of the Engineering areas. I have used Khan Academy to learn topics in Computer Science as well as some math topics. Code Academy is also great for programming.

If you can learn as much as you can before you start taking classes, your transition into college life should be much easier. CCP is also a good way to get ahead if that is available to you.

(CCP or College Credit Plus allows High School students the chance to earn both college and high school credits while taking college classes. It used to be called PSEO or Dual Credit Plus. This seems to be an option in the Midwest and New England area. )


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