Sara G., Dressage

Featured Rider: Sara G.

Name and barn you are currently riding at.

My name is Sara G. and I own my own barn in Loveland, Ohio.

Tell a little bit about you and your horse.

Happy Girl was born on my farm in 2010. Her mother is a Dutch Warmblood and her father is a Holsteiner from Pennsylvania.

What are your goals as an equestrian?

My long term goal is to achieve my USDF Bronze Medal with Happy. I would also like to put together a freestyle.

How are you working towards those goals?

This year I will be working toward getting my first level test three scores, for my Bronze Medal.

Who is your riding role model? Who is it and why?

I don’t have one specific role model. I read a lot of books and training articles for ideas to improve my riding. And of course, I work with my trainers Sharon Ridge and Trish Hammer. Micah Carr has helped me a lot as well.

Biggest success or funniest fail?

My biggest success is raising her from a foal. I also won the OKIM award for training level in 2016. Additionally, I won Training and First Level Year end awards for QCDC.

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