Featured Rider

Every Friday, The Geek Equestrian features one rider on our blog! Below are all of the riders that have been featured on The Geek Equestrian. Want to be a featured rider? Sign up using our online form.

This Week’s Featured Rider

Audrey Newbrey
Audrey Newbrey – TIP Ambassador, Hunters

Anissa Wagenlander, Dressage and Eventing

Cullen Santino Le Roy, Reining and Para-Reining

Corinne Thompson, Dressage and Eventing

Sara G., Dressage
Sara G, Dressage

Brittany Geglein, Dressage
Brittany Geglein, Dressage

Audrina Bolin, Lead Line
Audrina Bolin, Lead Line

Caitlynn Scofield, Longe Line Stakes

Emily Styskal, IEA Team Rider

Kristina Donaldson, Dressage

Aidan Mewha, Hunter/Jumper
Aidan Mewha, Hunter/Jumper

Bonnie Hutton, Eventing & Endurance
Bonnie Hutton, Eventing & Endurance

Audrey Fema, Dressage
Audrey Fema, Dressage

Lucy Colvin and Brody
Lucy Colvin, RRP – Eventing, Show Jumping

Abigail Fulmer, Eventing
Abigail Fulmer, Eventing

Sarah Hepler, Retired Racehorse Project
Sarah Hepler, RRP – Dressage

Kelsey Parisi - Retired Racehorse Project
Kelsey Parisi, RRP – Freestyle

Victoria Gomez - Retired Racehorse Project
Victoria Gomez, RRP – Hunter/Jumper

Kimberly's RRP Horse, Z, while he was still at the track
Kimberly Godwin-Clark, RRP

Lori Miller and Strange Bird
Lori Miller, RRP – Eventing

Jame and Klein
Jamie Shetzline, RRP – Dressage

Lindsay Gilbert and Hot Java
Lindsay Gilbert, RRP – Eventing

Kelly Garrison and Monte
Kelly Garrison, RRP – Jumping

Maria Belakinos, RRP – Eventing

Jenifer Kelly and Sea Lord
Jenifer Kelly, RRP – Barrel Racing

Josslyn Cousins and Sambrook
Josslyn Couins, RRP – Eventing

Ella Swales, RRP – Eventing

Becky Shaffer and Serenity
Becky Shaffer, RRP- Barrel Racing

Lauren Lallement and Critical Summer
Lauren Lallement – RRP, Show Jumping

Cali Plante
Cali Plante – TIP Ambassador

Audrey Newbrey
Aubrey Newbrey – TIP Ambassador, Hunters