Featured Rider: Caitlynn Scofield

Name and barn you are currently riding at.

My name is Caitlynn Scofield and I am 18 years old. I ride at Scofield Performance Horses in Cambridge, MN.

Tell a little bit about you and your horse

I have been involved with horses since I was a little girl and I have always known it was my passion. My horse I have this year is Maid In HOOville aka Violet. She is a yearling filly by Hot Ones Only out of Beautiful Maiden. We recently showed at the All American Quarter Horse Congress where we were third place in the Non-pro English Yearling Longe Line Stakes and she was Reserve Congress Champion in the Open English Yearling Longe Line Stakes! This is one special filly and I cannot wait to see what her future brings.

What are your goals as an equestrian? (Can be short term, long term, or both)

My goals are to be the best rider, exhibitor, and owner I can be. My long term goal is to win an AQHA World Championship. Each and every year I grow closer to my goals.

(AQHA = American Quarter Horse Association)

How are you working towards those goals?

I am working hard to learn more and grow my knowledge. I train my horses every day to prepare us for these shows and I am always willing to learn. I watch others to see what they do and I take a little from each person and I make my own out of it. I have been very fortunate to learn from some amazing people and horses.

Who is your riding role model? Who is it and why?

My role model would have to be Beth Case. She is an excellent horse trainer and has won many world and congress championships on some of the best horses.

Biggest success or funniest fail?

My biggest success would have to be how much I have grown over the years. From where I started, where I am now, and where I am going.

I meet Caitlynn at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and was able to interview her. You can find the video interview here.


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