Featured Rider: Corinne Thompson

Corinne and her horse Baise!
Corinne and her horse Baise!

What is your name and where do you ride?

“My name is Corinne Thompson. I ride at Rock Creek Farm (Wallace Eventing) in Jasper, GA.”

Tell us a little about you and your horse.

“My name is Corinne Thompson and I am 18 years old (I turned 18 September 1st!!!!). I just graduated high school and I’ve been riding for around 5 years, showing dressage and eventing for 3 of those years. My horse is a 5-year-old 16.2 ottb named “Citiqueen” (Baise) and she is absolutely precious! I’ve had Baise for about 2 months. When I first got Baise she was named Bee, and though I liked keeping “B” as a nickname, I didn’t think Bee like a bumble bee suited her, so I started searching for a name to stand for “B”.

Two days after we brought my mare home from Kentucky, one of my best long term friends died in a freak car accident involving a deer. My friend was always supportive of my riding and although he teased me about it most of the time, it was all in good spirit. It was because of him I decided to name my new mare “Baise” in honor of my friend, who’s last name is Basden. I no longer ride only for myself, but also in memory of Trent Basden.”

What are your goals as an equestrian? (Can be short term, long term, or both.)

“By next year I hope to be competitively showing novice eventing with Baise. Within the next 5 years, I want to be competing in rated star events nationally and internationally. In 2024 the summer Olympics will be held in either Los Angeles, Rome, Budapest, Paris, or Hamburg and my dream, my long term goal for the past few years is to be on the US Olympic 3 day eventing team and represent my country in 2024.”

How are you working towards those goals?

“Baise and I have been training not only with Elisa at Wallace eventing but several other trainers as well, most recent Miriam Offermans. One of the positives about going to different trainers is learning something new with each new person. Not only have we been gaining knowledge but Baise and I have also been working on having a trusting relationship, I need her to know that when she is with me she is safe! If my horse doesn’t trust me on the ground then there is no way she will be able to trust me when I’m in the saddle. The biggest thing keeping me focused and working on my goals is keeping a positive mindset and not letting doubt from other people or doubt from myself get in the way.”

Who is your riding role model?

“Although this is probably a popular answer, Michael Jung is most definitely my riding role model. What makes me look up to Michael Jung is his horsemanship. Especially so the relationships he has with his horses. I love the way he rides his top event horses with a just a snaffle bit!!”

Biggest thrills or spills?

“Although I’ve never fallen off of my current horse (knock on wood) I’ve had a quite a few spills while cross country schooling with my last horse. MR is an 18 hand warmblood who has a heart of gold and four left hooves. One day while we were out schooling a cross country course, my trainer, Elisa Wallace, had us take a line that included 2 logs followed by a downhill slope. As we finished the line and cantered down the slope I felt MR jerk to the left and as I looked down towards his withers, I noticed his feet were no longer on the ground. In that moment MR slipped out of nowhere onto his left side, bringing me down with him; somehow managing to avoid landing on me in the process.

We both stood up, I brushed myself off, checked MR out, got back on, and kept on trucking. It may not have been the worst fall I’ve ever had, but it was sure the funniest because I got the entire thing on my GoPro camera that was mounted to my helmet! MR is now living out his days with his half brother on lots of green grass!”


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