Feature Rider: Audrina Bolin

What is your name and the barn you are currently riding at? (Please include area your barn is located in)

My name isTirzah Bolin and my 4-year-old daughter is Audrina Bolin 4 years old. We own/manage ShadowPhax Stables in Springfield, Ohio.

Tell a little bit about you and your horse.

The stallion Audrina rides is Wibo a purebred Friesian stallion who is 10 years old and a little over 16 hands. She has been riding him around since she was about a year old. He is extremely gentle with her and lets her lead him anywhere. She also rides a 17 hand quarter horse and a 15 hand paint. She is learning to ride both English and western.

What are your goals as an equestrian? (Can be short term, long term, or both)

Our goals are just for her to have good safe fun while riding and eventually become an amazing rider and showman.

How are you working towards those goals?

Right now she is just riding around for fun with me leading her mostly. She also has a mini she rides.

Who is your riding role model? Who is it and why?

I can’t really say who hers is. She says it’s me however I don’t quite think she understands yet what that means.

Biggest success or funniest fail?

Her biggest success would be her first show with Wibo!


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