Chocolate Eclair

“Fancy” Feasts

Today was pretty light as we only had Sainte Chapelle, a quick walking tour of Ile de la Cite, and a ballet in the evening. We started off the day with a lecture on the islands history as well as going over the plot for the play Galileo. Then we headed off to the island in the middle of the Seine river.


We headed out toward the best bakery ever, only to find out that they are not open on the weekend. Total bummer, right? We decided to try another bakery on our way back to find that they were also closed. Oops! So we finished off the baguette that we had left over from last nights dinner. Simple but filling breakfast which isn’t a bad thing.


Crepe and Ice CreamAfter visiting the gorgeous Sainte Chapelle, which I recommend to everyone, we walked around the island to visit some lesser known sites like Place Dauphine and Pont Neuf. We then had a while until we had to get ready and head out for the ballet. We decided to do a light lunch and a heavier dinner because they would be a little closer together than we normally eat. We stopped at La Gentilhommiere on our way back to the dorm. The service was above and beyond. We all ordered crepes with Nutella and one person ordered a Nutella and banana crepe. I decided I wanted something cold and added vanilla ice cream to mine. They had run out of bananas so someone ran to a local store and bought more bananas. How amazing is that? The food was fabulous and the server was quick but still gave attention to everyone.


SandwichChocolate Eclair We decided to grab something quick along the way to the opera and stopped into Boulange Patissier. I was able to order fully in French again and was super excited because I could finally say bottle of water well enough that they didn’t have to clarify with me. I had a cured ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich, a chocolate eclair, and a water. The sandwich was so big that we all carried half of it in our bags to eat once we got to the Opera House. The eclair was fantastic and beautiful to look at.

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