Equine Affaire Experience

It’s that time of year again when all the equine events start to happen and I don’t just mean shows.  What I am talking about are the activities and trade fairs we do outside of our shows.  These usually include Equine Affaire, Kentucky Rolex, Breyerfest and so much more.  As equestrians, we are always hunting for fun ways to spend our time outside of the barn and out of the saddle.  This month was the start of my exciting out of saddle events starting with Equine Affaire!!!

There are a few different things that make equine affaire fun and I am going to touch on my favorites.  There is always lots of shopping, fun seminars to watch or take part in and horses for sale to be seen.

Tons of shopping

Probably my most favorite part about equine affaire is all the shopping!! If there is one thing I love it’s spoiling Spartan by getting him things he needs…or doesn’t need lol.  I love going around to all the vendors and getting super good deals because most of them will either have coupons or discounts.  One of the best things about shopping at the different venders is being able to meet new people and get advice on the different products you may be thinking about.  Also some of them are companies we are ambassadors for or are looking to become so that’s pretty cool.  Some of my finds from this year were liniment for Spartan’s hocks, hands on gloves, riding essentials, C4 belts, training dvd and more.  I planned on finding just some essentials but found so much more.  There are just endless things to be had!


Equine Affaire offers the chance to ride in or watch some wonderful seminars that can help improve your riding.  There are different professionals that come to help with almost all the riding disciplines and help with training methods for natural horsemanship.  It’s really fun to watch these and learn things that you may not have known.  Being a Dressage rider I always try to make sure and watch those because every year it seems like I learn something new.  The learning opportunities are just endless.  Some of the other things I love watching are the breed shows that demonstrate the talents of other horses we may not be familiar with.   I love learning new things and if you do to I recommend going and watching the seminars Equine Affaire has to offer. Who knows maybe you’ll end up riding under one of the professionals (goals).

Horses for Sale

Did you know that when you go to Equine Affaire you can buy a horse?  I did not know this and was excited to see that this could be the place to find your first best friend.  It is always interesting to see what breeds are up for sale and how many there actually are.  I am not in the market for a new horse but it is still fun to look because who knows maybe in the future it will be time to switch up.  Also if you are looking for a certain breed there are opportunities to learn about them so you know what you are getting. There are booths set up in one of the major buildings that have the different horse breed associations that I recommend checking out if you are in the market and want to make sure you pick the right one.

Equine Affaire is a fun experience that horse lovers can come to from all over.  There are many things that are offered and who knows you may end up bringing a horse home.  I enjoy going to spend to much money, watch seminars and just relax in a horsey atmosphere.  If you haven’t been I highly recommend it!!!

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