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If you are like me, and most of the equestrian population, you appreciate a god deal. You may also enjoy auditing clinics and learning as much as possible. What if I told you that there is an event that combines great shopping, clinics, and seminars all in one place on one weekend? Don’t believe me? You need to check out Equine Affaire.

Equine Affaire holds two events annually. One in Massachusetts and another in Ohio. These events bring hundreds of quality vendors and event more horse lovers together for an amazing four days.

I have been going to Equine Affaire in Ohio every year for the past four years. Every year I have found great deals and have had a blast! Three out of the four years, I have filled the back of my car with things I’ve bought. And no, I am not a shopaholic. I have saved thousands of dollars at the trade fair every year. There are so many great deals on the wants and needs you may need to find a bigger car.

There is also a consignment area as well. This has past Equine Affaire clothes and used equipment. Just like any other consignment shop, you will find a little bit of everything. This year there was even a horse sleigh!

If you are determined to be frugal, the clinics and seminars may be more your speed. There are clinics for every type of riding style and interests every day. There are also breed demos that allow you to learn more a breed you are interested at or just ogle at the pretty ponies. 😉

One thing that many people seem to pass up is the stables. I would highly recommend walking through and talking to the riders and trainers. If nothing else, this gives you the chance to hopefully pet some cute ponies!

I would highly recommend going to anyone who is even remotely interested in horses. Even if you don’t like horses, you should head out to Equine Affaire as well. The food is totally worth it!

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