Eating Like Royalty

One on of the things you probably think of when you think of France is Versailles. Today we spent the day there and boy was it amazing. I have never and probably will never see so much gold in one place again.


Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Sorry about the wonky lighting.

We had to leave our dorm at 7:45 am this morning so last night I ran to the Mono Prix near our dorm and picked up a strawberry and banana smoothie to have for breakfast. I got the big bottle and drank half of it which kept me full for about 4 hours. The texture was a little stringy but at that time of the morning I really didn’t care.


Sausage, fries, saladAfter walking around the palace, we made our way down to the gardens for lunch. (Wow that sounds so fancy. I love it, lol.) We ate at the sit down restaurant which had these amazing overhangs that could be expanded when the sun decided to come out about half way through our meal. I ordered the sausages that came with fries and a small salad. For a drink I ordered a cafe creme because I really needed that midday boost. The coffee was a little bitter but it probably only bothered me because I’m not a huge coffee person to begin with. That being said, my roommate who is a big coffee fan loved it. The food was amazing. I don’t think I have ever had a sausage that tasted so delicious in my life. It was a different kind of sausage than I’m normally used to and I was so happy that I decided to try it.  The fries and the salad complimented the sausage perfectly as well.


Mont BlancWe were all pretty tired from the early morning so we decided to eat in. This meant we stopped at our favorite bakery again to pick up a baguette for dinner. We had some chicken and goat cheese left over from last night so we made a sandwich and I had some grapes with it. For dessert, I tried something that I believe is a version of a Mont Blanc. I was in kind of  a frenzy when I ordered as the woman behind the counter was new and she automatically thought I wanted everything I looked at for longer than a second. Personally, it isn’t my favorite dessert but it wasn’t bad. The texture was pretty unusual and the flavor wasn’t very strong. It was also in an awkward cone shape. This made it difficult to eat so I had to eat it in stages which didn’t help.

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