Gus with boots

Do You Believe in Majyk?

Last year, I had a terrible time keeping my horse sound. He would go lame whenever he was tired from hard work because of his confirmation. Earlier this year, I purchased a pair of open front jump boots from Majyk Equipe to see if the extra support would help at all. I fell in love with the brand quickly after seeing results in Gus’s health and happiness. I have also added dressage boots, Boyd Martin cross country boots, and bell boots to my collection to ensure Gus’s legs and shoes are protected during every ride.

Pricing and Purchase

Their boots are less than half the price of other leading boot companies which is a steal for the type of quality they are. The best way to buy Majyk boots is from their website. There are many style and color options for every type of boot so you have a wide variety to chose from.

Care and Maintenance

To prevent dust build up, wipe your non-leather boots down with a damp cloth after every ride. Make sure you do not over rub them, though. The Color Elit series has a special coating, to make cleaning any mud and dirt easier, that will come off if they are buffed or scrubbed too hard. Every once and a while you can machine wash your boots. Do not machine dry them! Let them air dry outside or on a towel.

For leather boots, peel the liner up off of the outer leather shell. Brush and then gently hand wash the liner then leave to dry. For the leather, wipe it down with a cloth and clean with tack cleaner.

Majyk Equipe is used by the top 4 American eventers and other top riders. They stand by their products and believe in delivering high-quality products at an affordable cost. Majyk boots are made by a company of riders who understand horses and their needs. I believe in Majyk, do you?

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