Jumping Show in KYHP

Why Cross Showing is the Key to Sport Success

I am a huge advocate for cross training and competing horses. Not only will it up your game, but it all promotes inner discipline friendship and cooperation! Growing bonds between disciplines is the first step to building the equestrian sport.

When you go to NAJYRC, the Olympics, WEG, or other competitions that have multiple disciplines in on venue there is one thing you very rarely. You don’t see riders from one discipline watching other riders compete in another discipline. Many of the spectators also only go for one discipline which means a smaller audience then if they watched multiple disciplines.

One thing I loved about Rolex (now called Kentucky 3 Day Event) was their Champions Live talk. They brought in riders from Show Jumping and Dressage that where joined by one of the competitors from Rolex. The talk was a good way to promote the three diciplines represented and show the similarities between them.

With more people watching the different disciplines, the more opprotunites competitors wil have at better quality.

Weather you show at the lowest level at schooling shows or compete internationally everyone can benifit from cross showing.

I personally cross train and show my event horse. I start and end my show season with local schooling Dressage shows and event during the summer. Every now and then I will go to a Show Jumping competition if I need the experience or more time in the ring.

I have found that I do better at events because of all the work I do for Dressage shows during the winter. Gus has no problem fitness wise for cross country. Jumping also has helped our Dressage!

Showing in multiple disciplines can get expensive but it doesn’t have to be. (Pick your shows carefully and make sure all expenses are neccessary.) It is totally worth the extra work and early mornings. The experience, skills, and feedback is very valuable no matter the discipline!


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