Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering

Have you ever wondered what the different was between computer science and computer engineering? Did you even know there was a difference? Let us take a look at what each one is and how they are different.

Computer Engineering

The definition of engineering is “the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.”   It combines electrical engineering and computer science together t improve the technology around us.

Think of it as an empty bookcase. When a bookcase is assembled it has everything it needs to do its job. Everything except the books. It has a job, and is ready for it, but doesn’t know how to do it until it gets the books.

Computer Science

Computer science is similar but totally different than computer engineering. The computer scientists are more concerned about what the technology does than what it is. They are the ones that make video games, animated movies, websites, and smartphone apps. People with computer science jobs are often called computer programmers. This is because they are programming or telling the computer the what, why, why, and how’s of its job.

A computer program is like an instruction manual. It gives the computer an list of things it needs to do and conditions under which it is to do each task. A computer may have all the pieces, supplied by the computer engineers, but without the programs, it’s unless!

Everything you use in your day to day life has somehow been made or helped along by an engineer. Learning to code will give you invaluable problem-solving skills as well as other helpful thinking skills. If you ever want to learn more about computer science, you should go to Khan Academy, Code Academy, or read my blog posts about computer programming.


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