Cars 3

Cars 3

Cars 3 races into theaters in just two days! On June 16th, families all over the country will be heading to the theaters to see their favorite animated cars on the big screen in six years. I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the movie early this week and I feel in love with Cars all over again.

I will admit, I was a disappointed with Cars 2 so I approached Cars 3 with a bit of caution and lower expectations that I would for a normal Disney movie.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was met with the best movie in the Cars storyline to date.

Movie animation has come a long way since Lightning McQueen and Mater first came onto the big screen. Disney did not skimp on the animation, but then again it is Disney the animation is always perfect.  Everything looked as lifelike as talking cars could be and the scenery was top notch as well.

I was a little surprised to see as many female cares as there were in the leading roles. In the movie, we see two female cars in spaces normally filled by men in both fictional and real life. The role of sports analyst was filled by Natalie Certain. Cruz Ramirez took on the role of race car trainer and played a huge role in the storyline. I really like how Disney put these two characters in prominent roles and showed women in a role we don’t we very often.

Cars 3 is a fantastic family and kids movie that I highly recommend! It is an amazing movie with a powerful yet entertaining and funny storyline that everyone will love.

For more fun and information, be sure to check out Cars 3 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can also watch the Cars 3 trailer on the YouTube channel and visit their website!

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