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One of my first ever riding belts was a C4 belt. It was their plain royal blue belt with a matching buckle that I got because it was on sale at a local tack store. I remember drooling over them in catalogs for forever because I wanted one so bad.


I have always been that awkward half size in everything. Shoes, clothing, belts, helmets, you name it and I probably have trouble finding a decent fit. The fact that C4 belts are cut to fit is an absolute lifesaver!

Making the Cut

I normally cut a little bigger than I need and then try it out for a day or so. It also depends on the type of pants you are going to wear your belt with. Breeches’ waistbands all come up to about the same place unless they are high or low rise. This makes it easy to make one educated cut while wearing breeches.

Normal pants can be a little harder because the waistband location isn’t always the same. The best thing to do is try the belt on with different pants with different waists. I personally like to cut the belt so that I am on the second to last hole when wearing the highest jeans and the second hole when wearing the lowest jeans. (i am counting from the end of the belt in.) That way if I am bloated or have eaten my entire fridge the day before, I know I can still wear my belt. Or if a miracle happens and I need my belt smaller, I can do that too.

Something that is really important when sizing your belt: make sure you sit down before you cut! We all know when we sit we get those cute little rolls. This will make your belt tighter! That’s why I like to start big and work my way smaller.


You don’t have to order a custom belt to fully express yourself! They have a ton of belts and are adding new ones all the time. Trust me there are endless combinations.

If you do decide to go custom, you are in good hands. Custom belts are a great way to show that you and your barn team are just that, a team. Every design I have seen from C4 is amazing and I have only heard great things about the process.

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