Brio Review

Have you ever dreamed of a steak that melts in your mouth? And pizza that tastes like it was made from a cloud? What would you say if I told you that those dreams are an actual reality? Discover the reality to your foodie dreams at Brio Tuscan Steak House.

Brio is located in the square at the Greene and has something for everyone at any time. Their pizzas are big enough to feed several people or one person for several meals. Or if you want something more on the fancier side, their steaks are to die for. Everything from their appetizers to their sides and entrees is perfectly seasoned and will make you want more even though you are full!

Unlike normal steak houses, you get to pick your sides when you order from their grill. Becuase their sides are so big you could put them down the middle and share with your friends and family. It gives you the chance to try a little bit of everything to find your favorite or favorites ;).

It’s perfectly situated in the main square that the Greene so it would make a perfect place to finish off a girls day out or a family movie and shopping day. And now it’s a perfect place to go for your homecoming dinner. Find out more from John in thisĀ video!

Start to finish the food and staff were fantastic. Both will make you wish you had a bigger stomach!


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