Brain Busting Books Part 3

In our last part of the 3 part Brain Busting Book series, we are going to switch things up a bit. This week, we have two-word search books by the word search king, John Samson.  Don’t worry these aren’t your ordinary word searches.

The first book is Mega Word Seach Challenge. This big book of brain busters has 365 different word searches for you to solve. Think of it as the brainiac version of the daily tear-off calendar, except a ton better. With categories ranging from animals, to superheroes, to sports and music, and shows like Game of Thrones, there is something for everyone. But be warned, “some of these are so tough you might want to take two days to do them” or pull an all-nighter. That’s cool too.

The second book put a huge spin on the classic word search. Bet You Can’t Do This may make you feel like you are seeing things, like word searches with no lists! This small book is packed with the hardest word search I have every seen. It starts by giving you  lists of words to find with one word missing. But, as you go the lists get shorter and short but the miss word count is still the same.

Don’t worry, both books have the answers in the back if your brain runs out of steam. These books are great to take on trips or to have if you just need to kill time. Just be sure to solve responsibly as these are very addictive and may cause a sudden brain epiphany in the middle of the night.

About the Author

John M. Samson is an expert crossword puzzle constructor and editor. His crosswords have been published in leading magazines and newspapers across the country, including The New York Times. 

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