Brain Busting Books Part 2

In this week’s portion of Brain Busting Books, we will look at two books that will help you get a stronger and superior mind. These books will help train your brain until it is begging for either more or mercy. From the people who brought us the books from week one, here are some more books that will help you step up your brain game!

The first book is The Train Your Brain Workout puzzle book. This book has 156 puzzles from 12 categories to make your brain even stronger. It has 3 levels, easy, medium, and hard. With puzzles ranging from find the words, to word pyramids, to anagrams, there is something for everyone. Don’t worry, if your brain has reached its max for the day or you just need a little hint, the answers are in the back of the book.

The second book is like its little brother, just harder and “superior”. This book is The Train Your Brain Challenge. Just like the first book, this one also has 156 puzzles, but this will make your brain into a superior mind. The superior brain training tool also has 3 levels. The answers are in the back just in case your superior brain power has sputtered to a stop.

Peter De Schepper and Frank Coussement are definitely the brain game experts as proven by these books. They will help train and stretch your brain so that you will be able to solve the seemingly unsolvable and think outside the box. How’s that for a neat party trick?

About the Author

PeterFrank was founded in 2000 by Peter De Schepper and Frank Coussement. Their internationally registered trademark, BrainSnack®, stands for challenging, language-independent, logical puzzles and mind games for kids, teens, and adults. It also stands for high quality puzzles. Whether they are made by hand like the visual puzzles or generated by computer like Sudoku, all puzzles are tested by the target group they were made for before using them. In order to guarantee that the computer generated puzzles can actually be solved by humans, they make programs that only use human logic algorithms.”

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