Boredom Buster

Ever have a day where you are just unbearably bored? You either have nothing to do or nothing can kept your interest. For me, this is the worst especially when I have the energy and motivation to do something. If you find this to be a reoccurring feeling, it is time to make a plan for boredom.

Make a List

I wrote a little but ago about always being curious as well as never abandoning your inner child. Boredom can help you do the latter and feed the former. If you ever have a question to answer or a topic you want to explore, write it down. I keep a list of things I want to look into or do when I’m bored. I also make a list of places I want to go to that I sometimes forget when I have time to actually visit. This can be simple things like walking through a part of town you haven’t been to in a while or one of those questions you thought of when you were younger.

Just Be Bored

There was an article I read in one of my classes last semester (unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore as the link has been deleted) that talked about how boredom is actually good thing. (You can find a number of articles saying the same thing with a simple Google search.) The author mentioned a research study that found that after a certain amount of boredom participants could think about more uses for a plastic cup than after the same amount of time actively using their brain.

Allowing yourself to be bored for 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there is not a bad thing. We need to give our brains a break every now and then. Try it out one day and see if being bored helps your creative juices flow.

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