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Bastille Day

We got the day off today because it’s Bastille Day! On July 14, 1789, the French stormed the Bastille so that today people everywhere could have the day off. Just kidding! There were plenty of other reasons for the French revolution but I am most grateful for the free day today.


Smoothie and Coffee
Sorry for the wonky lighting again

We stopped at the Fran Prix near our dorm last night to pick up food for today because we figured most places would be closed. For breakfast, I grabbed a 1,2,3 Soleil fruit smoothie that I wasn’t too excited about but was the easiest thing to get. The reason for my lack of enthusiasm is because I am not a fan of mixing a bunch of fruits together in any fashion. Fruit salad? No thank you. A fruit smoothie with about 6 fruits blended together? I’ll pass.

However, I will say that this smoothie was actually really good. I couldn’t taste a bunch of the fruits which I was quite happy about. The texture was a lot like the other smoothie I had but this time I was prepared for it so it wasn’t as bad.


We wanted to be as much like the other Parisians today as we could so we decided to have a picnic in the Luxembourg for lunch. However, we planned for it to be about 20 degrees warmer so it was quite a chilling experience. We still took our time to eat our bread, cherries, chocolate cookies, and flavored meringues. Everything was super tasty, but the cold kept me from taking pictures of my food. (Sorry!) It was really nice though to finally have a picnic in the park as it was something we had be wanting to do for what seems like forever.


SaladHamburger and Fries Chocolate Mousse





We found that a majority of the Latin Quarter was open today which made dinner much easier. We found a place that had a 9.70 euro menu right around Chez Kelly. For my starter I had salad with a bunch of raw veggies on top. I ended up just eating the lettuce and green beans, however, so most of the other stuff isn’t my cup of tea. I decided to break the Parisian theme for today and had a hamburger and fries because I hadn’t had one in a hot minute and missed it. The burger was amazing but I did find the fries to be a bit greasy which was a part of the meal I hadn’t missed since we left the states. I went with my favorite for dessert, chocolate mousse. I was super happy that this time it was more on the fudge side than the bread side. It was exactly what I wanted for dessert.

Firework Tip

Because it is a holiday, I figure I would do a festive tip for today. If you are around the Latin Quarter or you don’t want to deal with the mob of people around the Eiffel Tower, go to the Pantheon to watch fireworks! As you are looking at the front of the building, try to sit more towards the left. We started there but moved to the right a bit as most of our group had staked out a place on that side. I personally thought our original spot had a clearer shot of the Eiffel Tower and therefore the fireworks but its up to you!

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