Awards Banquet Collage

Banquet Bound

This year so far has been exciting and eventful! The partnership I have developed with my horse has become incredible and we are developing into quite the team.  We came out with champion and 2 reserve champion placings in our show circuits!  This has given me more motivation to keep riding, improving and showing to earn our place in the dressage world.

So why go to an awards banquet and what do you do at one?

Why go to an awards banquet?

Going to the award banquets has become a huge part of my riding career because it is giving me something to work towards.  Hearing your name being called for a top placing is one of the best feelings ever!  It is such a great motivator and it helps realize you worked hard and gave it your all.  You went for something you really wanted and this is where I am currently.  I have never grown up around horses so something like this for me is a big deal.  Knowing that I can finally achieve my goals and do what I love while earning top placings is amazing. If you have a chance to go I highly encourage you do no matter the placing you get.

What do you do at an awards banquet?

You are probably wondering what you do at an awards.  To put things simply: you eat until your stuffed, listen to motivational speakers and get awarded for all the hard work you did this season. If you like socializing you can chat with a lot of the other equestrians who have also earned awards. Horse chat is always fun and a great way to make new friends!!

When you have a fantastic year and have great accomplishments you are rewarded for it and get to go to awards banquets.  This year was a pretty amazing year where I scored in the highest placings and earned my spot within the top 6 riders of my division.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and I am glad I have such an amazing partner.

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