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Avengers: Infinity Wars

Every Marvel movie has been preparing you for this one movie. All I can say is, even with 10 years of preparation, I still was not prepare for what went on is Avengers: Infinity War. Be sure to go to the theater fully hydrated and with tissues because all the crying and emotions can take its toll if you are unprepared.

The Characters

Let’s start will something marvelous (see what I did there). A vast majority of the superheroes we have grown to love, make an appearance in this one film. Remeber when you walked into the candy store or the toy store when you were little. It felt like that to see everyone in one place. We were missing some favorites but overall it was a good turnout to save the world.

The Villian (?)

You can’t talk about the character without talking about who brings them all together. I have to say, I have mixed feelings about Thanos. Marvel has crafted him in such a way that I can’t help but understand his logic and motivation. I am having some Black Panther flashbacks with figuring out if the bad guy really falls under the villain category. Marvel has really stepped up their game and made the bad guys reflect more of what the “villains” in real life normally look like. Thanos has a commendable goal in that he wants everyone in the universe to have enough resources to live full and healthy lives. Its the method that is a little ( ok very) sketchy.

The Plot and Emotional Relief

Most of the time jokes in tense scenes are called comic relief, right? Well, in this case, I am going to call it emotional relief. Jokes are cracked at the right time to ease off of the tension and stall the crying for just a couple seconds. Of course, we don’t get a good laugh during the real heart crushers but at least Marvel gave us some relief.

The plot was spectacular and one that really keeps you on your toes. It picks up right where Thor: Ragnork left off with its after credit scene. There were a couple little pieces of the puzzle that might throw you off guard if you haven’t seen movies like Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Doctor Strange. You would be missing huge pieces if you haven’t seen Thor Ragnork or basically any other Marvel movie (where have you been the last ten years?).

This has got to be Marvel’s best movie yet! I know I said that with Thor: Ragnork and Black Panther but I was so wrong. From beginning to end, everything was perfection. It may be painful perfection in places but still perfection.

Please, do not spoil it for anyone as Avengers: Infinity War is truly an experience. #Thanosdemandsyourslience after all!


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