Ask a Science Teacher

Ever want to ask a teacher whatever you want? How about a science teacher? Ask a Science Teacher, by Larry Scheckel, gives you the chance to ask 250 off the wall questions that keep you up at night.

Ask a Science Teacher is broken up into 11 mind-boggling chapters. The categories range from Technology to Music to Atoms. If you can think of a question, it’s probably in this book.

The answers come from an array of scientists. Larry Scheckel explains each answer just like your favorite teacher would. Each answer isn’t watered down, but easy to understand. Even the most inquisitive minds will be satisfied with each answer!

If you ever stayed up at night wondering the craziest, off the wall question, this is the book for you. This is a great book for you if Google been stumped by your question. If you have a question, this is a book for you!

About the Author:

Larry Scheckel’s career stretched over thirty-eight years. His career involved teaching physics and aerospace science to over four thousand high school students at Tomah, Wisconsin.  Larry Scheckel has been named Tomah Teacher of the Year three times, and Presidential Awardee at the state level for six years. He is the recipient of the Tandy Award, Kohl Award, Wisconsin Physics Teacher Award, Health Physics Society Award, Ron Gibbs Award, and Excellence in Science Teaching Award.
Larry Scheckel has authored articles for The Science Teacher magazine and The Physics Teacher magazine. He has been a Science Olympiad coach and robotics mentor. Larry has shared his expertise with teachers at National Science Teacher Association conventions, Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers, and summer workshops. He has given presentations to thousands of adults and students in such venues as Children’s Museums, Boys and Girls Clubs, Rotary, and conventions.

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