Artistic Appetite

Do you ever have a day where you learn about something new and fall in love instantly? Today was one of those days and I truly have something new to obsess over that isn’t in a barn or need electricity to function. Crazy, I know!


beignetI decided that I liked the feeling of trying new things, so I did that when I ordered a chocolate beignet for breakfast. And guess what! I did it all in French and responded to a question in French all by myself! A beignet is basically a long filled doughnut with sugar on top. It was super fluffy and the chocolate was the perfect consistency for starting my morning off right.




snackI was super tired this morning so after walking through the Muse d’Orsay for a couple hours, we decided to stop for a snack and coffee. I got the pain au chocolate (basically a square croissant with chocolate inside) and a cafe au lait (coffee with milk). The coffee wasn’t my favorite because it was super strong coffee flavor but I didn’t mind because I bought it simply for the caffeine.

Also, I must add that the whole Impressionist level of the museum almost had me in tears because the paintings were just gorgeous and I just couldn’t get enough. My personal favorite was Monet and all of his landscape pieces and I just fell in love instantly. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone even if you aren’t a huge art person.


spaghetti We had to splurge a bit for lunch as we were by the Eiffel Tower. I ordered spaghetti bolognese again and it was so worth the 15 euros. The meat to sauce to pasta ratio was perfect and the flavor was amazing. It was also a large portion so we got our money’s worth.




Because lunch was a little more expensive than normal, we made a stop at the Mono Prix by our dorm and picked up some meat and cheese to go on a baguette, from our favorite bakery of course, to make sandwiches in our rooms. I also picked up some grapes and a large smoothie for the morning and just to have some snacks in the room.

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