The Arduino Project Handbook

The Arduino Project Handbook by Mark Geddes is the perfect read for your engineering friend. It contains 25 easy projects that will make you feel as tech savvy as Tony Stark. From easy and simple to hard and complex the Arduino Project Handbook can take you from 0 to hero in 25 projects flat.

The Arduino is a mini but powerful computer. This makes it is the perfect stepping stone into the world of engineering and computer science. It is very versatile and allows plenty of room for imagination and creativity. The Arduino Project Handbook starts with an introduction that explains how the computer works. It also lists what you will need for the projects to come. But don’t worry if you have no idea what any of the equipment is. There are great pictures that show you each tool so you don’t accidently buy the wrong thing.

Each project is laid out in easy to read step by step form with plenty of pictures. It also uses diagrams and “sketches” of the author’s code. This allows you to follow the steps even better at your own pace than you would with a video or normal directions.

The book is split into 7 parts: LEDs, Sound, Servos, LCDs, Numerical Counters, Security, and Advanced. Each section slowly builds in complexity and are getting ready for the next section. They also build on each other. So in each section, you are putting the skills you learned in past sections to use for more advanced projects.

While your Arduino may look intimidating at first, it is very simple and can be great fun once you get the hang of it. I remember the first time I used it and it was one of my favorite things ever. My first project was to make a piano that used grapes as the keys.

You can find my video of me playing my “piano” here.


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