All American Quarter Horse Congress

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is a show like no other. Not only is it one of the largest breed shows in the world, it’s also one of the fanciest. From the trade fair to the food to the show, Quater Horse Congress is definitely something every horse person should experience.

Quarter Horse Congress is unique in that it’s a show with several disciplines that cover almost every style of riding, and a trade fair at the same time. The trade fair is full of vendors with everything from trailers to horse clothes and care items to people clothes and care. One of my favorite booths is the Click Heat vendor. They carry revolutionary heating devices that can warm you up and alleviate pain. I have been able to use the shoulder heating pad several times and it works on everything, not just shoulders! If you want to check them out, they are in the Bricker building and ask for Chris!

They have a ton of different types heating pads for every need!
They have a ton of different types heating pads for every need!

Of course, what horse show isn’t complete without fair food. The Quarter Horse Congress has a Midway filled with every kind of food you would want while at the event. They have everything from wood fire pizzas, Fire in the Whole has amazing pizzas at a great price. To strombolis which you can find at Mowry’s. Whatever you crave, you can find it on the Midway.

Last but certainly not least, the competition is top notch. It is one of the most technologically advanced setups I have ever seen. Riders can see exactly who has checked in, who is on deck, and who is in the ring without even talking to anyone. Also, when they are finished with their ride, they can watch the whole thing on a replay television.  There are two different competition rings in the coliseum and the celeste center.american-quarter-horse

But, there isn’t just a riding competition going on. There is also stall decorating competition. And one thing is for sure, Quarter Horse people are competitive! Be sure to take a walk through the stalls. You will see everything from piped and draped to fully functioning mini apartments that have been built.

I had the pleasure of going up to the Quarter Horse Congress and meet a ton of wonderful riders, coaches, and event staff. If you would like to see some interviews or pictures from my trips be sure to check out my Facebook or Instagram. I will be posting more until the end of next week so be sure to keep checking in!


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