All New Things

Today was our first free day since we arrived a week ago. We got to sleep in a little more and have a day of leisure and exploration. The day was filled with new experiences of food.


Pain au chocolait I tried something new for breakfast from the bakery down the way. I got a croissant with chocolate inside and I was able to order in French without getting any weird looks! It was super good however there wasn’t much chocolate inside which is probably a good thing health wise however my sweet tooth was a little sad about it.


Salad with veggies Today’s theme off trying new things continued into lunch. Two other people from our group had talked about a restaurant called Chez Kelly that had a menu for 10 euro.




Spaghetti For those of you who don’t know how menus work in France, I shall explain it really quick. Every restaurant in Paris is required to have a fixed price menu available at all times. For a certain amount of money, you get to choose one item for each course that is included on that menu. Each course has a list of items to choose from and some may have an extra cost, but it’s only one or two of the options.


Chocolate mousse For our menu, you got 3 courses for 10 euro which was a fantastic deal. For a starter I got a salad with mixed vegetables on top. Spaghetti bolognese  was my main entree and I got chocolate mousse for dessert. I had never had any of it before and it was all delicious! The spaghetti was a little salty but not enough that I really minded.


We spent the afternoon at the Pompidou soaking in all of the beautiful, interesting, and sometimes flat out disturbing artwork inside. After a nice nap and some homework we decided to explore around the dorm and find some place to eat dinner around 8 pm. One thing to note is that after about 7 pm most of the cafes turn into bars and it may be hard to find something outside of the really touristy area to get cheaper food.

Dinner picture We ended up finding a bar that still served pretty cheap food after about 30 minutes of exploring. I ordered a Daiquiri and a croque monsieur. A croque monsieur is a piece of bread, a piece of ham, another piece of bread, and a layer of melted cheese on top. The daiquiri was pretty strong and the cold temperature combined with a very cold drink wasn’t the best combination for the night. The croque monsieur was pretty good but I didn’t find much flavor to it but it may have been the ham to bread ratio working against it. I was glad to finish off my day with more things I had never tried before which felt very good as I tend to stay pretty safe with my food.

Food Lesson of the Day

Spending 2 hours at a cafe is totally normal and expected. We took a little over 2 hours for lunch and did not feel rushed in the least. Most of the people that got there when we did were still there when we left. Slowing down and really taking time to enjoy your meal is so nice that when we talked over 30 minutes afterwards, it did not bother any of us in the slightest.

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