Sandwich on the Seine

All By Myself

It was solo day, today! Each of us were given a unique museum to visit for the day before our afternoon boat tour. Personally, the whole thought of going out by myself in a foreign country was very scary. However, I found a new confidence in myself and had a fantastic time exploring on my own.


Chocolate covered waffle The thought of solo day had been taking up all of our thoughts, so much that we forgot the bakery was closed today. So we went to our trusty vending machine for breakfast this morning. I got a quarter of a chocolate covered waffle to try to give myself something happy to focus on while we walked to our meeting spot. The chocolate was perfect and the waffle was pretty dense but still enjoyable.


My museum was in the Grand Palais and was the La Lune exhibit. I spent 4 hours walking around looking at all kinds of exhibits about the moon. I personally have always loved astronomy and was ecstatic when I heard where I was going to spend my day. (Also, I had just learned how to say the moon yesterday in French which was perfect timing. Thank you crash courses of French words from my amazing roommate!)

Sandwich on the Seine Since I was over by the Louvre, I stopped at the small stand in the Tuileries to grab a sandwich to eat by the Seine. I got a ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich as that was the only thing I could see through the mob of people surrounding the stand. It was a good sandwich but I was starting to get a craving for ice cream. So, I did what any reasonable person would do and went to find somewhere to get ice cream. There was a great walk up ice cream counter not too far down on the outer edge of the Ile de la Citey. I ordered a scoop of the super rich chocolate ice cream and made my way to our next meeting point before our boat tour.


Farmer Salad4 cheese spaghetti Chocolate Mousse





While my stomach told me to go light on dinner, I decided not to listen. We headed back to the Latin Quarter to find another 10 euro menu and it was an easy task to do. We ended up right next door to where we ate last night despite the fact that the man outside the restaurant called us the Spice Girls. (It wasn’t the compliment he thought it was. It was just really awkward.) I ordered the farm salad for my starter which was a salad with toast and mozzarella cheese. Then I had a 4 cheese spaghetti which was a lot like mac and cheese. Dessert was a chocolate mousse again because I love it so much. All three courses were tasty but the mousse was more like a cake so it is my least favorite I have tried so far. Everything else met expectations of the bar set by all of the other food we have had since arriving.

Lesson of the Day

Today’s lesson isn’t food related but is one I want to share with you guys. If I am being honest, I have relied a lot on my friends to get around because I get turned around super easily when looking at a map. I can also second guess myself a lot when dealing with making any kind of decision including directions. Today I proved to myself that I can do everything I thought I couldn’t so far on this trip. I was able to get myself around and do so with confidence. I was able to get my museum ticket in French without asking how to say it beforehand. Now, was it the best French I could have done. Definitely not. But I tried French first instead of going straight to English and hoping for the best. Today has been a huge confidence booster for me and a much needed one. I can happily say that I survived on my own in a foreign country where English is not the primary language!

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