after the races

After the Races

In Nottingham, Pennsylvania there is a barn that is home to After the Races. After the Races is a retraining and rehoming facility that helps former racehorses find their second career. Each horse is treated like royalty when they come to After the Races with a customized plan to get them ready for a new home.

Each horse’s vet program at After the Races is customized with their track history kept in mind. Retraining is started only after the horse has told the trainers they are ready to start working.  Their temperament and physical abilities are evaluated during the entire process so that, when the time comes, their first match is their only match they will ever need.

After the Races get their racehorses in several ways. Several racetracks in the area have started back stretching programs that are dedicated to rehoming racehorses to quality forever homes and have partnered with After the Races to do so. Horses also come to After the Races by owners who want their horses to have a top notch facility to start their second careers in. In the past 7 years, there has been a rise in desire for retraining and rehoming among racetrack trainers and owners.

Adopting an Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) from After the Races is a highly rewarding process. Not only are you saving the horse you adopted but the one that takes their place in the program. Adopting is a simple process that contains several steps to ensure a proper match with your new horse. These steps include application, choosing a horse, fees and contracts, transportation to the new home, and updates to After the Races. Your application will be reviewed closely so that you are only horses that are a match. The adoption process can be long but totally worth it when you get your new partner!

You can visit After the Race’s website by clicking here. To go to their Facebook page, click here.


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