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A Year in Review

I am sitting here at my new kitchen table thinking and reviewing what has happened to me within the last year.  I could go on and on and on about everything but let’s just focus on one thing:  My Horse Spartan.

Looking for a new horse is hard work and takes months and months to find the perfect partner.  I remember being at the barn thinking how much I wanted a new horse to call all my own.  Little did I know I was in for quite the journey and some unexpected things.  I thought this was going to be the easiest thing in the world, kind of like buying our new house, WRONG!!  Both things were officially difficult and I found myself losing my patience more than once.  Fact about me:  I’m not the most patient or understanding when it comes to things I really want (lol).  Now, let’s take a journey to the end of 2015.

2015 was a big year for me that came with a lot of decisions that were about to change my life.  One of the biggest and best decisions I made was being able to bring a horse into the picture.  I had talked with my instructor and we worked out a deal for board, which made looking for my own horse all that much more exciting!!  Upon making the deal we set up a search for the perfect horse.

I tried to get three horses within that year and guess what…..they ALL fell through or had something imperfect about them.  One was an off site lease that turned into an on-site lease. One was a really sweet thoroughbred that ended up having to be sent to the vet and never came back. The last one had teeth problems and couldn’t be ridden.  I remember being devastated because each time I got so close only to lose them again.

I was just about to loose hope until January 9, 2016.  This was the day I tried again with another horse and this time I didn’t get my hopes up.  I was ready to take disappointment again.  Little did I know though that this particular horse was something special and the one I would call my partner/best friend.  The best thing about this horse was that A.) he was sound and B.) he came from some really nice and sweet people who I’ve come to like extremely well.  I got to ride this wonderful horse for the first time and knew right away we were going to get along.  Upon leaving my instructor and I had a talk to make sure he was the one and I remember sleeping on it while wondering how in the world I could pass this opportunity up.

January 23, 2016, the day I brought my lifetime partner home.  I remember waking up on this day and being SO excited!!  Even if it meant leasing for a year and then buying, I was getting my own horse.  That morning, I even rushed out to buy him a purple halter right away. (My love of the color purple is what spurred this.)

I got to officially meet and talk with his owners and knew right away that they were special people like their horse.  I’ve been trying to keep them up to date and let them know his progress.  The best part about them is they are so understanding about stuff.  (I really like corresponding with them and hope to see them more and be at the same shows.)

I trained all winter long and got to know my new partner.  At first, I don’t feel like we quite met eye to eye due to me learning him and him learning me.  We got along well but riding was a new story when I was really ready to put my skills to the test on him.  With some help from my instructor, we were able to figure out the correct aids and figure out how he likes to be ridden.

After these long months together we were finally ready to get out on the Dayton Local Show Circuit to see what we were really made of.

Because being at a show is much different than being at home, I will admit I was nervous at first. I know horses sometimes behave slightly different.  I found I didn’t have to worry and at our first show together we ended up on first and second.  (A pretty big accomplishment if you ask me!)

The shows on the DLSC circuit went extremely well. Each time we ended up with first and second place wins.  We had one show at Walnut Creek stables that wasn’t our best but it was one we could learn from. With these wins, we ended up placing extremely well at the awards banquet. We found ourselves being the Reserve Champions of our division!!  I remember being so excited and thinking WOW my first ever horse trophy and super nice ribbon.  What a summer it was for us!!!


Now that all the excitement is passed and we are heading into winter it is time to takes things easy.  We will still train together but might just have some leisurely ride time too.  Who knows?  I let each day come one day at a time and will let what happens, happen.  One more thing before I “ride off into the sunset”. I plan on purchasing my best friend at the end of my lease and officially calling him mine. This will be the BEST thing I know I can do. It will be a decision that will not come with any regrets.

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