A Whole New World

The live action Aladdin features the iconic Will Smith as the Genie as a part of the amazing cast. I saw the movie last week and still find myself humming parts of the soundtrack while I work. This updated version of the classic story provided a modern day twist and a fantastic movie in the process.

The Cast

I grew up with Robbin Williams playing many iconic roles one of which was the lovable Genie. I was very hesitant about this role being played by anyone else playing the role as Williams gave the role such a unique feel that would be pretty close to impossible to replicate.  Will Smith pleasantly surprised me with his portrayal of the Genie and you could tell he was trying his hardest to make Robbin Williams proud. I truly believe Will Smith was the best choice as I can’t think of anyone else who could have succeed such a unique actor in a role many people grew up with.

The rest of the cast was magnificent. Naomi Scott gave Jasmine so much power and poise instead of allowing the role to become the stereotypical strong woman who never feels gentle or just the love interest. Scott gave Jasmine the fluid personality I wish was present in the original.  Mena Massound was a perfect pick for Aladdin and did add more depth the character as well as the plot.


Holy moly I don’t think they could have had any more color in this movie. The costumes were so packed with bright colors that you would see if you traveled to where Agrabah would be. I saw the movie with two of my friends and we were all drooling over Jasmine’s outfits because they were so beautiful. The costuming department also did a very good job of keeping Jasmine’s outfits functional and not as delicate as some of the ones were in the original.

Special Effects

As an computer science major, I am always looking at the CGI and other special effects in movies I watch. Disney did what they do best and made sure the CGI felt as life like as possible. I was happy to see that Raja looked like a real life tiger instead of a cartoon one I grew up seeing in many TV shows and movies. Iago looked like a real parrot and talked like one too. If I didn’t know better I would have also told you Will Smith was an actual genie because everything looked so real.

Overall, I was very impressed with the remake of Aladdin. Disney did an amazing job with every aspect of the movie and the actors made the story come to life. What do you think about the live action Aladdin movie?

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