Buying Rolex Tickets

Watching Rolex and experiencing the electric atmosphere is something every horse person should experience. There is something for everyone during one of the best weekends of the year. Knowing which tickets you want on which day will help you make the most of this experience.

The basic type of ticket are grounds tickets. These will get you into the Kentucky Horse Park, the trade fair, and the warm-up rings. No matter what tickets you get, you need to get a grounds ticket. This is the only type of ticket you need on cross country day as it also gets you access to the cross country course on any day. If you aren’t too excited about stadium or dressage, but want to walk the course or trade fair, this is the type of ticket you want.

The next level of ticket is the bleacher seating. This will allow you to watch the competition in the area for a smaller amount of money. These are facing the stadium seating and are not covered. If you want to be covered, you want to get stadium seating. Some of the stadium seats are not covered but still fall into this category. If you get seats around the middle rows of the stadium seats, you will be covered if it rains or is super warm. This is where I personally like to sit.

The final level of tickets are the tent seats. There are different types of tent seating that come with different accommodations. These are generally very pricy, but some people don’t mind the splurge. These range from tents with seats right by the arena and provide food and drinks while others sit behind the stadium for cross country day.

There are tailgating spots open on cross country day if you want to bring your car and own food. You buy a certain space on the course and that is your spot for the day. You will need to be all set up by a specified time so you don’t interfere on accident. While some are close to the track with the perfect view of a jump, nothing is promised. Cars can be put behind other cars with no view of the track.

Tickets go fast, so make sure you buy them as soon as they are available, which is typically November. You can find day tickets are on the competition website under “tickets” as well as more information on buying different types of tickets.

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