2018 Horse Show Happenings


In my last post I discussed what I had planned for this year and one of those things was the 2018 show season.  I mentioned how I was planning on showing  a lot more, which I made happen, and already have 3 to 4 shows under my belt.  It’s something that i’ve become addicted to and that makes me work twice as hard in my lessons.  Our show season has started at a barn called Majestic Farm and we have done super well this year.  In this post I will be touching on the barn as well as my progress.

The venue where we are showing is called Majestic Farm and it’s a big beautiful place with quite a few barns and plenty of show arenas.  This year is my first year showing there and I am just amazed at how big the place is.  The arenas are a super nice size and make showing and warming up easy without running into anyone else.  Also the show staff is amazing and run the place professionally.  There is never any question about where you are going and what is happening next.  It is so nice to go to a show that is organized and has plenty of room for everyone.  I feel like we as riders can relax as well as our horses, since we are taking them to a new environment.

One of the things I mentioned above was that our show season was going really well.  We are continuing our journey through the intro levels and will be moving up to training hopefully this summer.  Right now we are dealing with some comfort issues that need some work before we can both move up.  In the meantime intro is perfect and we are working to improve our scores as a team.  Currently, we have all firsts with a couple of seconds and our scores are either higher or steady with last years.  It feels good to know that we are either getting better or are consistent.  Each ride we are striving for more and are working hard to learn the techniques better and apply them during the shows.  I hope the rest of the show season goes just as well with all our hard work.

Starting my show season early and riding at Majestic Farm is the best decision I made.  Showing now is helping to overcome show nerves and will help my progression.  I am excited about where we stand currently and hope to achieve Champion for the end of year banquet.  As always I am super proud of Spartan and cannot wait to progress with him.  We are working well together and have the best training so I know we can go far.  Our show season has just begun and I am looking forward to the summer!!!

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