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2018 Happenings

I cannot believe we are in the year 2018 already!!  Where did the time go?! I remember sitting here writing my 2017 beginnings post and thinking I had so much time ahead of me.  Now it seems like it was weeks instead of months!!  I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.  In this post, I want to reflect on last year and then move on to what I have planned for this year.

Last year was so much fun because I got to grow with my horse and learn so much more about my riding skills from full-time training.  I also got to show at a lot more shows than the last two years.  Some of the other fun things I got to enjoy were Equine Affaire, Breyerfest, becoming an ambassador for 3 new companies and showing on a college campus for the first time.  Lastly, we got to enjoy our year-end awards banquet again on the Dayton Local Show Circuit and ended up third overall. 2017 was an eventful year and one that I thoroughly enjoyed and it’s helping me plan for this year.

Hello, 2018!

Now that 2018 is upon I have started thinking about what I would like to accomplish for the upcoming year.  My plans include showing on two or three show circuits, becoming champion or reserve of each one, improving my riding skills to go up a level and not ride the same levels over and over and keep up my full-time training schedule along with a disciplined workout routine.  When I am not riding and showing I would like to go back to Equine Affaire and Breyefest, go to Rolex, possibly go to The World Equestrian Games and join either USDF or KDA.  Keeping up with my social media is something else I would like to do because it can hopefully lead to more ambassadorships and maybe, one day this year, a sponsorship.  I am super excited about what is up and coming and hopefully I can keep up with it all.

Looking into the 2018 year I have so much I want to do and hope to be able to accomplish a lot of it if not all of it.  I have set my goals and feel ready to take on the year.  Stay tuned for my next post that will talk about riding on and being a part of the Majestic Farm Show Circuit.

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